It’s the middle of the summer and a large group of friends just arrived at 30A. Numbering 10 in all. This was a spontaneous trip and no proper planning was made as to where they were going to stay during their week-long vacation at the beach. First of all, they need a house to rent.

Property Rental

One of them has the Beach Club App on his device. In three steps they were ready to go! He turned his device location on, found an available property that can accommodate 20 people around his location, and reached out to the vendor. It was as simple as that. It turns out the property was right on the beach, and in no time they were settled in beautiful, clean beach house that will be theirs for a week.

Restaurant & bar

Night falls, and they need a bar. Oh! The Beach Club App to the rescue again. Using the map feature they find the closest one! When they arrive it is so packed they cant even get a table. Beach Club to the rescue again! They order food and drinks right to their house faster than they could have been seated. 

Paddleboard rental and yoga class

the following day, the ladies felt they need a yoga class but the guys aren’t interested; they would rather stay on the beach for the day. The ladies need a yoga class, and the guys, paddleboards. All they did was find nearby yoga classes and a vendor that can rent paddleboards. The Beach Club App provided all they needed and more.

Our services are not limited to certain businesses. Any business you do around beach resorts or you know tourists to the beach will need can be registered, free of charge, on the app. From  fishing charter to beach Chair Companies; The Beach Club App accommodates them all.


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