Customer Login

All Customers Must Download and Create an Account.

Right From the Start You Have All Customer Data You Could Ever Need!

This Will Ensure Excellent Customer Service and Order Processing, and Also Allows for Automated Marketing Campaigns!

Easily Collect From Each Customer:

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Address

  • Birthday

Stored Payment

It's Time to Ditch Your Point of Sale System.

Payments and Transactions are Practically Effortless when You Already Have Customer Payment On File!

A Valid Credit Card Is Required to Create an Account.

All Orders can Be Manually Charged Via The Payment Dashboard.

Customers Love It, TOO!

Live Chat

Easily Replicate Your Current Ordering and Communication Process inside your App with A Chat Module.

Customers can chat instantly with the Member of Your Staff Who is Active Inside the App.

Customers can chat Via Text or be Connected Via Phone all from inside the app.

This ensures that All Orders are placed directly with a staff member, and that all customer interaction is recorded and on record.

GPS Customer Location

You cannot realistically process deliveries without a GPS Location.

Customers can easily share their current location to a staff member with just one click.

Map Pin is shared inside the Chat Module allowing your staff member to easily coordinate the delivery!


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