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Tech Startup Building FREE Custom Delivery Apps for Restaurants affected by Covid-19.

[San Francisco, CA] Tech Startup, Beach Club Apps, has an amazing new offer for restaurants affected by COVID-19.

For a limited time they are building FREE Mobile Delivery Apps for Restaurants that are in need.

Covid-19 has completely turned the nations economy upside down. No Business has taken a greater hit then the food service industry.

With social distancing and shelter-in-place orders given, Restaurants are faced with EXTREME limitations. Most have chosen to close.

Takeout and Delivery is an option, however it comes with its fair share of issues.

Most Restaurants systems are extremely dated, which causes them to rely heavy on in person interaction for processing payments, and customer service.

Now that customers are encouraged to not leave their homes, this practically gives them no option to continue operating with original policies.

The only REALISTIC option for businesses to stay afloat is to organize takeout and delivery using mobile app technologies.

The Real WINNERS of this Crisis have been the food service delivery Mobile Apps, like Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Post Mates.

These platforms can offer a realistic option to process orders for restaurants because they have such a robust communication and delivery apparatus.

The keyword is "Realistic."

Customers have payment stored making purchases with only one click, and their delivery location is automatically recorded for delivery.

They like it because its easy.

It's much easier then the "Old Fashioned Way" of calling a restaurant on the phone, placing and order, giving credit card details over the phone, and then trying to give them directions for delivery.

This system just doesn't work anymore for consumers, which is why customers prefer platforms like Uber Eats.

There is only one real problem Restaurants face when using these platforms, and that is the cost!

Delivery Apps like Ubers Eats are charging nearly 30%-40% of the total transaction.

This is not a realistic price for most restaurants to handle!

Running a food service business is hard enough, as profit margins are scarce to begin with.

30%-40% is completely unrealistic, and Uber Eats really ought to be ashamed.

Luckily there is HOPE!

Scrappy Tech Startup, Beach Club Apps ( , has a solution!

For a limited time, Beach Club Apps, is building FREE MOBILE DELIVERY APPS for Restaurants affected by COVID-19.

Each App they build completely replicates the big delivery app platform like Uber Eats.

Customers can create an account and save a payment method.

Orders are placed with one click, and can be delivered directly to the customers precise location.

The only difference is each restaurant receives they're own app, published in the Apple and Android App Stores.

Currently there is no company that offers a deal this good, or this benevolent.

"We think every company should have access to the same mobile technologies as the Large Delivery Apps." Remarked Beach Club's CEO, Charles Galloway. "It's Times like these where American's need to help each other. We are ALL in this together!

What restaurant owners don't seem to understand right now is that their CUSTOMERS HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT THEM, and need them NOW more than ever!

The Problem facing restaurants right now is not a supply and demand issue, its a LOGISTICS issue.

Restaurants have to make it easy for customers to place and receive orders.

In the modern era, this is what the average consumer demands.

If its not easy, they just won't do it!

A mobile app makes it easy!

I had the opportunity to use one of Beach Club's Apps, and was really blown away.

Beach Club Apps are EXTREMELY Powerful, yet surprisingly "Human."

It actually seems very familiar the current restaurant experience.

(Watch the video here:

Here's How it Works

A customer first signs up and creates an account.

A Valid Credit Card is required at signup.

From that point on any order is billed to that card.

Customers can then browse the menu inside the app.

It's actually no different than if they were there in person.

When ready to order they can open a chat module inside the app and speak directly with a restaurant staff member. They can also be connected via phone from inside the app, if thats what they prefer.

This is really no different than how they would interact in person.

The staff member can answer any questions the customer has, and also ask if the customer requires delivery.

If the customer wants delivery the staff member has the customers real time location, and can decide if delivery is possible or not.

Once the customer has given their order the staff member can key in the order on site the way they normally would, and also charge the credit card on file.

The receipt is automatically sent to the customer via email.

Thats it!

Stored Payment has 2 key advantages.

For one, it makes ordering extremely easy and fast, and usually leads to customers returning more and more often.

It also drastically reduces the risk for the restaurant, because they know they are going to get paid.

Add in real time customer location and the experience is completed streamlined.

If you would like to see if your restaurant qualifies for a FREE MOBILE APP visit this link here:



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